During your stay in our villa, you have plenty of choices to fill in your free time with fantastic activities around the village!

  • Enjoy one in a lifetime tour which includes a walk at our organic vegetables and oranges garden.
  • Visit the word’s ancient olive tree and its museum located at Vouves village!
  • Bonus walk to our own olive garden and winery.
  • If you are lucky enough to visit us just in the season when we perform the oil picking, we will be pleased to have you with us and show you around the entire olive oil production process while you will also get the chance to try out our fresh and homemade olive oil!
  • Trigos season is a very special time of the year, during this time you will be toured around our vineyard and guided through the wine production process, including grape picking and taking part in the overall production and even tasting!
  • And finally, a very special season here in crete, would be the tsikoudia production season! Don’t miss out on this! You will get the chance to watch and participate throughout the production process, as well as, trying out our very own cretan brewed tsikoudia
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